Our technical reports and pedagogical leaflets promote best practices and set recommendations to foster a common regulatory culture.
March 2024
Energy consumer protection in Albania

This short report is based on insights provided by Erjola Sadushi, Commissioner of the Albanian Energy Regulatory Entity (ERE), in a podcast registered in January 2024 titled “Energy consumer protection in Albania and Algeria”.

This podcast transcription informs about the measures taken by ERE to protect vulnerable consumers from increased energy prices and about the communication channels put in place in Albania to empower consumers to make informed decisions.

March 2024
Energy consumer protection in Algeria

This short report is based on insights shared by Karima Sadou, Director for Consumer Protection and Conciliation at CREG, in a podcast registered in January 2024 titled “Energy consumer protection in Albania and Algeria”.

This podcast transcription informs about the measures taken by CREG to protect vulnerable consumers from increased energy prices and about the communication channels put in place in Algeria to empower consumers making informed decisions.

It also sheds light on the broad Algerian energy policy, the diversification of energy sources and the efforts deployed in the country to improve regional market integration.

February 2024
Guidelines of Good Regulatory Practices on Consumer Protection Rules and Communication Strategies

The report showcases best practices in various countries within the Mediterranean region as a way to offer a valuable framework for regulators and stakeholders to ensure consumer protection within the energy market, promoting fairness and transparency.
It provides benchmarking on communication practices between regulators, energy stakeholders and consumers, as well as collaborative efforts with various organisations and ministries. It describes outreach campaigns carried out by some regulators to empower consumers and foster active participation.
Best billing practices are shared illustrating the regulators’ crucial role in overseeing billing accuracy and dispute resolution.
It also addresses supplier terms, contract termination and access to price comparison tools, which constitute important consumer rights and tools for informed decision-making.

February 2024
Tackling Security of Supply Concerns in the Gas Crisis

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the region's dependence on natural gas, the legal framework governing security of supply obligations, and the complications surrounding this vital energy resource. The recent gas crisis has shown some of the vulnerabilities of the countries in the region, underlining the need for a proactive strategy to address security of supply concerns effectively.

The report explores a range of measures and tools that successfully tackled these concerns, including diversifying gas sources, expanding infrastructure, promoting efficiency, and exploring alternative gases and options.

December 2023
Summary Report on CEER – ECRB – MEDREG Trilateral Workshop on Consumer Related Issues

This report summarise the exchanges held in October 2023 during the trilateral workshop between experts from regulatory bodies in the region and members of the consumer/customer working groups of the three associations.
It addresses the evolving landscape of consumer-related energy issues within the Mediterranean, European, and Balkan regions. It also explores the complexities and opportunities inherent in the energy market transformations, with a focus on the urgent need to address consumer-centric concerns while navigating the transition towards sustainable, cleaner energy systems.

December 2023
Snapshot: Practical Tools to Improve Regulatory Compliance and Competences

Based on our training report on the same subject, this one-page publication illustrates the regulatory powers in action, and provides some tools used in our member countries to improve regulatory compliance. It also invites energy regulators to harness the full potential of newly developed regulations to promote the integration of renewable energy sources, and to accelerate the establishment of the grid of the future, increasing consumer protection, energy security and environmental sustainability.

October 2023
Training report on the Implementation of Regulations: From Legislative Frameworks to Tools of Policy Execution

Based on the MEDREG training titled “Implementation of Regulations: From Legislative Frameworks to Tools of Policy Execution” which took place in Paris in October 2023, this report explores the challenges and opportunities of implementing energy regulations.
It examines the use of sanctions and incentives and focuses on specific strategies that the regulators can deploy to promote the development of renewable energy sources. It also offers an understanding on the power of regulators and their ablility to enforce compliance through sanctions along with the best practices for handling complaints.
In addition, the report provides some hints on how to enhance regulatory compliance through the use of adequate monitoring tools and how to embrace the texts and the tools to increase the competences.

September 2023
Digital card - A Glimpse at the Mediterranean Energy Mix and Cross-Border Interconnections

Based on MEDREG’s flagship MEMO report, this short digital card provides an overview of the energy mix by country and by region and of the cross-border interconnections in the Maghreb, the Middle East, the Balkans and Tu¨rkiye, as well as in EU MEDREG Member countries. It offers some recommendations to accelerate the decarbonisation of the energy sector and increase the security of supply in the Mediterranean region.

12 September 2023
Message from the Secretariat to our Moroccan Colleagues

We express our most sincere thoughts to the Moroccan people
and to our dearest colleagues from ANRE - The Moroccan Electricity Regulatory Authority - for the tragic earthquake which struck the country
on Friday 8th September.
Our deepest and heartfelt prayers go to the ones who lost their life
and to their families.

September 2023
Report on the 3rd MEDREG Presidents’ Workshop

This report covers the discussions held in the MEDREG’s 3rd Presidents' Workshop titled "The Role of a Coherent Regulation in Promoting Energy Transition in the Mediterranean Region" in June 2023.
The workshop explored topics such as renewable energy integration, energy efficiency, cross-border interconnections, and regulatory harmonisation.
This report provides an overview of the workshop proceedings, key insights, and recommendations that emerged from the discussions, aiming to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on promoting sustainable energy transition in the Mediterranean.

June 2023
Annual Report 2022

This Annual Report informs about the activities undertaken in 2022, a year marked by surging energy prices and energy security risks in a context of geopolitical crisis.
Last year, our members showed their capacity of adaptation and responsiveness to maintain the stability and the functioning of the energy markets in the Mediterranean region, while keeping the decarbonation of the energy sector high in their agenda. 

2022 saw a reinforcement of the status and independence of the regulators, while Southern members harnessed synergies with fellow members to enhance their energy markets. Efforts were pursued to maximise the use of gas interconnections and tackle energy losses.

Furthermore, renewable gases, energy storage and demand management became important topics of studies and exchanges among our members on their quest to promote low carbon new technologies and renewable energy sources.

June 2023
President’s Message from 2022 Annual Report

In his introductive message of our 2022 Annual Report, President Abellatif Bardach presents his vision of the recent developments and his priorities to respond to the evolving trends of the energy sector, with a focus on a reinforced collaboration with stakeholders and the deployment of new technologies.

May 2023
High-level Workshop Report on The Role of Regional Organisations in Promoting Coherent Regulation to Accelerate the Energy Transition

This report is a summary of a workshop which took place on 30 November 2022 in Cairo (Egypt), and which explored the role of regional organisations to accelerate the energy transition while ensuring the security of supply.
Drawing on insights from experts from regional organisations, the energy industry, academia, and civil society, the report examines the challenges and opportunities facing regional organisations in designing and implementing regulatory frameworks for sustainable energy systems that can one day tackle the energy transition. Key themes that emerged from the discussions include the need for clear and consistent policy frameworks, stakeholder engagement, innovation and technology, and the potential for regional collaboration.

April 2023
MEDREG’s Action Plan 2023-2025

This document presents the deliverables planned for the 3-year period 2023-2025. They have been designed in line with the organisation’s strategy and objective to gradually establish an integrated and interoperated Euro-Mediterranean energy market with sound and harmonized regulatory frameworks.


Fostering institutional exchange, peer-to-peer support, exchange of know-how and capacity-building, the Action Plan foresees a wide range of activities meant to reinforce our members’ regulatory capacity in light of their specific needs.


Acknowledging the fact that regulators are called to adapt their response and scope of action to the energy transition and fast-changing environment, this Action Plan proposes an enlarged toolbox of support activities.


Taking the form of technical reports, study visits, workshops, or trainings, our support activities will launch and reinforce specific initiatives on topics that have recently raised our members’ attention and interest, notably relating to technological change, hydrogen, cybersecurity, interoperability of networks, energy poverty and energy prices.

March 2023
Rules Against Conflict of Interest

This document assesses the rules regarding conflict of interest (COI) in the electricity and gas market in the Mediterranean region.
It is based on MEDREG’s case studies, which describe the implementation of the rules and plans to manage conflict of interest situations within the national regulatory authority (NRAs) and within the Transmission System Operators and Distribution System Operators.

March 2023
Mediterranean Electricity Markets Observatory – MEMO+

Since 2007, the Mediterranean Electricity Market Observatory (MEMO) monitors every two years the evolution of national, sub-regional, and regional electricity markets.
This edition provides updated national data, explores the RES integration challenges, and analyses data exchange and information. It includes indicators which assess the national priorities in Mediterranean countries and their potential to be a part of the integrated sub-regional and regional electricity markets.

March 2023
Cross-Border Coordination for Interconnection Capacity Development

This report follows the 2020 GAS WG report on “Design mechanism for gas market to foster energy transition”, which initiated the discussion on the future role of natural gas in the energy transition by providing further flexibility to the energy market and system.
It enriches the previous edition with in-depth analysis of the cross-border interconnection in the region.

March 2023
Future Role of Renewable Gases

This document describes the level of development of renewable gases in the Mediterranean region, providing an overview of the regulatory framework and the energy strategy of the countries applied to hydrogen and biogases. The report also informs about the existing and planned projects in the region, and the support mechanisms that are in place or are planned to be established.

March 2023
Update on Technical and Non-Technical Losses

This report, which follows a previous study on the subject conducted in 2019, analyses how countries define power losses, how they calculate them and how they distinguish them.
It provides state of the art techniques to calculate and distinguish the loss types. It also informs on the efforts made by some Mediterranean countries towards reducing the losses, featuring some of the best practices in the region, as provided by our members.

In addition, the study analyses the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the losses, especially at the distribution level, which differs from country to country.

March 2023
Price Surge and Security of Supply

Elaborated by a Task Force set-up by our Electricity Working Group to respond to the energy crisis, this report describes the recent gas and electricity price dynamics and presents an analysis of the impact of the price surge on the various energy markets of Mediterranean countries.

The analysis is complemented by further reflections on the challenges posed by the crisis for both the European Union and developing countries in the Mediterranean.

March 2023
Mediterranean Energy Regulatory Outlook – 2022

This document presents the third edition of the Mediterranean outlook, which monitors the evolution of the regulatory framework applied to the energy sector, every two years.
The report provides a complete overview about how the national energy sectors are ruled, ranging from independent entities to governmental bodies. Each regulator is analysed according to several dimensions, such as legal status, independence, competences, internal organisation, enforcement, transparency, and accountability. These features are directly linked to the good regulatory principles defined by MEDREG Members which support the development and reinforcement of convergent national regulations, likely to create a fertile environment for investments, competitiveness, and consumer protection.

February 2023
Digital card - Delivering the Energy Transition with Infrastructure Investments, Network Remuneration, and Tariffs

This pedagogical publication is based on our Training Report on that subject.


With a short and visual format, it offers information on some of the main regulatory factors to drive the energy transition and advance the energy sector: infrastructure investment, network remuneration and setting of fair and cost-reflective tariffs.

13 February 2023
Condolences message to the people who were affected by the earthquakes

The MEDREG Family is deeply saddened by the extensive casualties and injuries sustained, as a result of the devastating earthquakes occured last Monday.


Our condolences go to the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives or were injured, and our thoughts are with all citizens of the region affected.


We stand in solidarity with our Turkish member, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority EMRA, through our support to its President Mustafa Yilmaz and all his colleagues, in these tragic circumstances.


With sincere sympathy,



January 2023
Training Report - Infrastructure Investments, Network Remuneration, and Tariffs

Based on our training on “Infrastructure Investments, Network Remuneration, and Tariffs” that took place in October 2022 in Milan (Italy), this report tackles these three pillars that are crucial to the advancement of the energy sector and to drive the energy transition.

It gives an overview on the topics that were discussed during the training and comprises the contributions of several international speakers from MEDREG regulators and collaborating entities specialised in their fields.

January 2023
Digital card - Energy Storage and Demand Management: The Example of Portugal

This pedagogical publication is based on our Portuguese Study Visit Report entitled “Exploring Energy Storage and Demand Management”. It presents the regulatory policies and trends on these important topics, with a focus on Portugal, through summarised and schematic information.

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