Our work is to reinforce the electricity and gas markets, infrastructure and trade. We advocate for strong regulators that can protect consumers and contribute to the energy transition in the Mediterranean.
Currently, MEDREG has five Working Groups (WGs), composed of representatives from each member regulator.

Working Groups are permanent bodies of the Association. They meet physically at least twice a year and are led by two regulators acting as co-chairs, supported by another regulator acting as vice-chair.

WGs organise their annual agenda based on the principle of subsidiarity. Subject to prior approval from the General Assembly, each WG decides its own working structure and retains the most suitable one to implement its work programme.

Although each WG is dedicated to thematic regulatory issues, they often collaborate with other WGs or partner organisation on joint reports involving cross-cutting subjects, such as infrastructure, investments, innovation and new technologies. Additionally, each of them provides a joint contribution to the personalised support to national reforms offered by MEDREG to Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries under the leadership of the Institutional Working Group.

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