Our mission is to establish a fair, functioning and integrated Euro-Mediterranean energy market through regulatory cooperation and support.
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The Presidency Board is composed of the President and three Vice Presidents.

The President manages the Association and represents it externally in accordance with the decisions taken by the General Assembly (GA). He is supported in her duties by three Vice Presidents. The President and two Vice Presidents are elected from among the members by the GA on a rotating basis with a mandate of two years.

In addition to the two elected Vice-Presidents, the Italian Regulatory Authority ARERA is assigned with the role of Permanent Vice-President, considering the strong and continuous support it offers to MEDREG.

In December 2022, the 34th MEDREG General Assembly elected its new board for the two following years:



Presidency Board

MEDREG President
(ANRE, Morocco)
MEDREG Permanent Vice-President
(ARERA, Italy)
MEDREG Vice-President
(REGAGEN, Montenegro)
MEDREG Vice-President
(RAE, Greece)
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