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Ce groupe a pour but de promouvoir le rôle et les compétences des autorités de régulation indépendantes et de consolider la présence institutionnelle de l’association dans le contexte européen et international. Le groupe INS coordonne le dialogue sur la régulation de l’énergie avec l’Union européenne, les institutions internationales, les organisations régionales de régulateurs et d’autres organismes.

Publications of the Istitutional Working Group are available here

Ms. Gulefsan Demirbas
INS Group Chair
Mr. Nicolo di Gaetano
INS Group Co-Chair
Dr. Andre Buttigieg
INS Group Vice-Chair
Working Group on Institutional Issues (INS Group)
Objectives 2015-2020
  • Guiding MEDREG members in implementation of a common set of principles that should characterize the missions, powers, competences and organisation of independent energy regulatory authorities in the Mediterranean region.
  • Assisting member countries in creation of independent energy regulator for electricity and gas in charge of market monitoring, network regulation, tariff setting and regulation of natural monopolies
  • Supporting other WGs along the process of improvement of the national legal and regulatory frameworks of Mediterranean countries, taking national specificities into account, in order to facilitate the deepening of regional cooperation and energy exchanges.
  • Assessing and understanding the impact of national decisions in the energy sector at the regional level
Main Activities
  • Periodically assess the current status of regulatory frameworks and institutions, their competencies, resources and expertise
  • Carry out thematic studies on specific topics, and where relevant prepare position papers upon request of the president
  • Support regulators in training and exchange of experiences, as well as other tools of capacity building
  • Coordinate and support the dialogue on energy regulation, notably with the European Union, international institutions, regional organisations of regulators and other bodies
  • Manage MEDREG’ relations with external partners in cooperation with the Secretariat.
  • Support the institutional development and consolidation of MEDREG
Task nr. Title and elements of deliverables Completion deadline (month/year) Support requested* Referent regulator
T1 Peer reviews (for two voluntary member organization) 1st PR: May 2016
2nd PR: May 2017
Consultation with voluntary regulator(s) and their stakeholders
Study visits
Cooperation with the PR Team
2nd PR (TBD)
T2 Support the TF on UfM Energy Platforms with regard to the Regional Platform of Electricity Markets (REM), Renewable Energy Efficiency (REEE) and Gas 2016 and beyond

Consultation with Stakeholders (UfM, EC)

T3 Peer review of MEDREG November 2017 Consultation with Stakeholders TBD
T4 Regulatory Outlook November 2016 Consultation with stakeholders
Cooperation with all MEDREG WGs/TF

*Training activities, consultation with stakeholders, back to back meetings with other Working Groups
Association of the Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas

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Fax: +39 02 655 65 562
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