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Ce groupe évalue l’état des marchés de l’électricité, les réglementations en vigueur dans les pays membres de MEDREG et les possibilités de leur développement. Le groupe ELE a pour but d’identifier et de proposer des critères de base qui conduiront à l’harmonisation de la régulation de l’électricité dans la région en développant un marché régional de l’électricité renforcé, compétitif et opérationnel.

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Mr. Philippe Raillon &
Mr. Dominique Jamme

ELE Group Chair
Mr. Adjib Radi
ELE Group Co-Chair
Dr. Sufian Al Bataineh
ELE Group Vice-Chair
Working Group on Electricity Issues (ELE)
Objectives 2015-2020
  • Monitoring of the implementation of an integrated electricity market: information exchange on performance indicators and efficient regulatory framework to assess necessary infrastructure investment
  • Development of a market design model to support the unbundling of the electricity sector, transparency of market information and services, non-discriminatory TPA to infrastructure and services, tariff methodologies, price regulation and the possibility for the establishment of smart grids in MEDREG countries
  • Regular exchange of data on transmission capacity and creation of national auction mechanisms
  • Support the establishment of Third Party Access to energy infrastructure
  • Support MEDREG countries in reaching a proper function of the market, which will allow the efficient use of interconnections by allocating transmission capacity in the most efficient way and at market prices. Development of an efficient cross border trade, which should be implemented on all interconnections. This will stimulate the competition between different national markets and will increase regional integration, as well as security of supply. At the same time this will harmonize the transmission capacity, the auction mechanisms and common grid codes in a mid-term perspective.
Main Activities
  • Jointly elaborate with Med-TSO proposals for grids codes covering data sharing among electricity transmission system operators and cross-border electricity exchanges (if necessary differentiated by sub-region) with a view to have them approved and implemented, on a voluntary basis, by Mediterranean electricity transmission system operators.
  • Define present and future interconnection needs (for the establishment of an integrated electricity market) from the technical, economic and financial perspectives.
  • Study operational issues concerning cross border exchange and congestion management practices; monitor electricity exchange activities among member countries, propose general rules/guidelines for electricity exchange in the Mediterranean.
  • Study the possibility of establishing a Control Centre to monitor the activity of the TSOs in member countries
  • Establish a road map to implement the cross border trade guidelines.
  • Establish a Mediterranean Electricity Market Observatory (MEMO) for monitoring evolutions in national and regional markets as well as sub-regional market development.
Task nr. Title and elements of deliverables Completion deadline (month/year) Support requested* Referent regulator
T1 Performance indicators and penalties applicable to generators in case of failure of the power plant Nov 2016 None CREG
T2 Methodologies used by regulators to evaluate investment projects and investment plans : case studies May 2016

workshop (in 2017 tbc)

T3 Cooperation with Med-TSO:
- 1 Information exchange with Med-TSO based on the signed bilateral (MEDREG-Med-TSO) and trilateral (MEDREG-MedTSO-DG ENER) MoUs
- 2 Input to the TF on Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Energy Platforms with regard to the UfM Regional Electricity Market Platform (REM)
2016 and beyond Bilateral meetings
Cooperation with INS WG + TF on UfM Energy Platforms
T4 Electricity Market Observatory Report (MEMO) 2017 (every 3 years) Coordination with Arab Electricity Regulators Forum (AERF) EgyptERA
T5 Recommendation regarding cost benefit analysis of existing infrastructures in order to optimize their use 2017 (and beyond) Workshop
Cooperation with Med-TSO
TBD in Autumn
T6 "The impact of smart grids on network regulation and energy efficiency measures in MEDREG countries: case studies". 2017 Cooperation with RES WG AEEGSI, CRE
T7 Fact finding on challenges in emerging markets 2017/2018 (after the MEMO’s adoption)   EgyptERA, ERE, REGAGEN (tbc)
T8 MEDREG participation to the next CEER EQS report 2018   TBD

*Training activities, consultation with stakeholders, back to back meetings with other Working Groups
Association of the Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas

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