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Le groupe de travail consommateurs œuvre pour améliorer la protection des consommateurs résidentiels dans les pays membres de MEDREG grâce à des études et des recommandations portant sur la facture énergétique, la protection et l’information du consommateur. La task force s’engage également à identifier et à promouvoir les meilleures pratiques en matière de protection des consommateurs y compris les consommateurs vulnérables et la qualité de service de l’électricité et du gaz du point de vue des consommateurs finals.

Publications of the Consumer Working Group are available here

Mr. Nicolo di Gaetano
CUS Group Chair
Ms. Nurit Felter-Eitan
CUS Group Co-Chair
Ms. Sonja Smolovic
CUS Group Vice-Chair
Working Group on Consumer Issues (CUS)
Objectives 2015-2020
  • Development and diffusion of best practices in the management of final consumers
  • Definition of an harmonised regulatory framework regarding consumer issues in the Mediterranean region
  • Establishment of an integrated consumer protection framework in the Mediterranean energy sector
  • Enhance Stakeholders' engagement in the regulation process, such as consumers associations
Main Activities
  • Update MEDREG recommendations on the minimal requirements to ensure consumer protection in the Mediterranean region
  • Compare existing procedures and regulation on energy billing to final consumers in the Mediterranean energy market
  • Compare existing experience in consumer education and information to final consumers in the Mediterranean energy market
  • Analysis of existing policy instruments targeted to vulnerable consumers, including a survey of “vulnerability” definitions at national level; analysis of the potential role for energy regulators in this field
  • Analysis of consumers’ engagements in the regulatory process, including a survey of existing consumers associations
Documento senza titolo
Task nr. Title and elements of deliverables Completion deadline (month/year) Support requested* Referent regulator
T1 Survey on existing policy instruments targeted to vulnerable consumers; analysis of the potential role for energy regulators in this field (on-going) May 2016 Training course on support schemes for vulnerable consumers
Electricity poverty measurement - index
Support by: ERE/PERC/ ERSE
Survey on disconnection procedure November 2016   PUA
T2 Workshop on vulnerable Consumers Spring 2017
Back to back with the next MEDREG FORUM
Support by:
MEDREG Secretariat
T3 Consumer Section on MEDREG Website November 2016 (annual update)   REGAGEN (tbc)
Support by MEDREG Secretariat
T4 Participation to the WAME: Survey on Energy Access November 2016   AEEGSI
MEDREG Secretariat
T5 Consumers Associations Engagement: best practise and tools     AEEGSI
Support by
Finalising Survey on CAs May 2016  
Drafting a report on Best Practices of CAs in the energy sector” End 2016  
Guidelines and recommendations to promote a better and more efficiently CAs engagement End 2016  
Creation of a database of CAs which are active End 2016  
Involvement of CAs in MEDREG Forum Spring 2017  
Promotion of a CAs common declaration Mid 2017  
T6 Behavioural Regulation to support consumer empowerment:Preliminary presentation September 2016) June 2017   TBD/ AEEGSI
T7 Dispute settlement - Update on the complaint handling and dispute settlement mechanisms active in the region Spring 2017 Training on monitoring and enforcement on the retail market REWS
T8 “Survey on Regulatory Practices on Handling Technical and Non-Technical Losses” end 2017   TBD
Support by MEDREG Secretariat

*Training activities, consultation with stakeholders, back to back meetings with other Working Groups
Association of the Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas

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