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Ce groupe concentre son travail sur les mécanismes législatifs et réglementaires utilisés pour promouvoir la production d’énergie renouvelable, l’efficacité énergétique ainsi que le développement des sources d’énergie renouvelable dans le bassin méditerranéen.

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Mrs. Behloul Chafika
RES Group Chair
Mr. Luis Jesus Sànchez de Tembleque
RES Group Co-Chair
Mr. Honi Kabalo
RES Group Vice-Chair
Working Group on the Renewables (RES Group)
Objectives 2015-2020
  • Implementation of harmonised regulatory options to promote RES in a cost- Effective way; implementation of advanced distributed generation, grid parity and net metering frameworks in Mediterranean electricity systems.
  • Evaluation of the costs associated with the fulfilment of national RES targets Assessment of the social impact associated with RES promotion and Development in each member country
  • Promote the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences
Main Activities
  • Benchmarking RES electricity (update 2014)
  • Analyse certification systems for RES electricity and Combined Heat and Power(CHP)
  • Analyse improvement son energy efficiency by smart grids, smart metering and Energy Service Companies and the cost that such and improvement in network
  • Analyse main regulatory mechanism like: environment protection; promotion of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP); energy efficiency promotion including integration to the grids and smart metering issues and their impact of costs
  • Promote the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences
  • Evaluate the results of the different mechanisms in the national contexts, analysing success factors and critical issues
  • Analyse the possible effects of the introduction at a national level of successful mechanisms adopted in other countries
  • Assess the possibility of collaboration as regards the flexible mechanisms introduced by the Directive 2009/28/EU

  • Study best options to promote RES in isolated systems
  • Participation in the ICER Virtual Working Group2 (Technology Change)
  • • Analyse the cost of integration of a smart grid
Task nr. Title and elements of deliverables Completion deadline (month/year) Support requested* Referent regulator
T1 Yearly benchmarking for RES electricity( update2015) 2016 Data from all RES WG members CNMC (supervisor)
T2 Report on certification systems for origin of electricity from renewable sources and Combined Heat and Power (CHP). 2016-2017  

Volunteer (Suggestion: E.U. regulator)

T3 Analyze improvements on energy efficiency by smart grids, which involve smart metering, net metering, storage of energy, and Energy Service Company contributions. The cost/benefit analysis 2017-2018 In collaboration with Working Group of Electricity and
Consumers Working Group

Volunteer. (Suggestion: E.U. Regulator) TBD

T4 Publication studying the “Value of Solar (VOS)” methodology and findings for different MENA states 2016-2017

In collaboration with Working Group of Electricity

Volunteer TBD

*Training activities, consultation with stakeholders, back to back meetings with other Working Groups
Association of the Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas

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