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Mediterranean and Eastern European Regulators get trained to monitor electricity markets
December 3-5, 2018, Istanbul (Turkey)

Regulators’ roles and responsibilities in the process of developing effective markets is of critical importance. Abuse of market power along with the proper implementation of the legislation is one of the main issues that energy regulators have to closely monitor and supervise. Proper market monitoring is therefore a necessity in the context of electricity markets, although it faces a considerable obstacle: the calculation of the correct cost of a generation unit, which is difficult and which can be done in an arbitrary way.

It is with the aim of supporting the regulators in supervising this complex process that MEDREG, together with the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA), organized a joint training on electricity Market Monitoring Tools in Istanbul on 3-5 December.

This three-day training was designed for experts from regulatory authorities that are familiar with wholesale and retail markets monitoring in the electricity sector. Participants were provided with the relevant tools to better understand market power and the role regulators can play in contrasting it. They were also exposed to the different perspectives of regulators, practitioners, policy-makers and market actors, thus receiving a comprehensive view of the subject that enabled them to better perform their daily activities within the regulator.

On the first day, trainees were introduced to the fundamentals of competitive electricity markets and discussed market power in generation and transmission, accompanied by a case study. On the second day, they discussed the EU REMIT regulation, the Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) designed to increase the transparency and stability of the European energy markets while combating insider trading and market manipulation, and the Turkish experience of the transparency platform EXIST. In addition, they looked at the renewable energy markets and ancillary services. On the third and final day, participants discussed competition in retail markets and heard about the work of the East European Electricity Market Monitoring Project

During the course, participants interacted through a group task and evaluated their learning progress afterwards:

Market power is a severe problem in the Egyptian electricity market. This course provided me with a deep knowledge of how this problem has been faced in other countries and this knowledge will be a useful tool to support the transitional phase of the Egyptian power market towards liberalisation” said Mr. Ahmed Sallam Electrical Power Engineer at EgyptERA, Egypt.

This course allowed me to make contacts with a very diverse array of people, most of which will be valuable contacts to continue exchanging even after the course is over” stated Ms. Amaal Burnat, Director of Finances at PERC, Palestine.

Watch the participants share their feedback about the course and explain how they will use what they have learnt in their daily work.

As a way to give a long-lasting effect to the training, MEDREG developed a handbook which gathers the main content of 10 modules presented during the course, giving the possibility to the participants to go back and refer to the lectures.
This handbook is meant for regulatory staff, exclusively members of MEDREG, dealing with or willing to get familiar with the complex task of monitoring the electricity market.

It is available in the Members’ area under the Training section.

This training followed a course organised by MEDREG in September on Setting the Tariffs and will be completed by three others planned in 2019 on “Regulatory Incentives to Encourage Investments”; on the “Main Tasks of the Independent Regulator” and on “How to Tackle Market Power and Increase Regulatory Compatibility in the Mediterranean Markets”.

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