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Webinar on "Guarantees of Origin and Green Certificates: Legislative and Regulatory Aspects"

16 December 2015 - Milan, (Italy) - webinar

The webinar illustrated the legislative and regulatory aspects concerning guarantees of origin in Europe and Italy as well as the trade of guarantees of origin and it provided insights on the definition and scope of green certificates.

The webinar was held by GSE, the state-owned company which promotes and supports renewable energy sources in Italy. Claudia Delmirani gave her contribution presenting the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), and Annalisa Ciatti delivered two  presentations, one on guarantees of origin, disclosure and green offers and the second one on the green certificates mechanism.

18 participants from  Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Italy ,Jordan, Montenegro, Palestine and Portugal attended the event.

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3rd MEDREG Capacity Building
10 February 2015 - Milan, (Italy) - web-conference system session

The third capacity building session has been organised through MEDREG’s web-conference system, on 10 February 2015. The topic was ‘What are the effects of RES on electricity tariffs?’.

Mr. Honi Kabalo, Head of Renewable Energy Sources Department of PUA (Israel) and Mr. Nicolo di Gaetano, Senior Board Advisor of AEEGSI (Italy) participated as trainers. Mr. Maurizio Cuppone, from the GSE international department, gave his contribution as an external partner, presenting the Italian experience of the energy service operator. 5 Participants from ERSE (Portugal), EgyptERA (Egypt) and ERE (Albania) took part of the meeting as trainees.

Documents  of the meeting are available here
2nd MEDREG Capacity Building Exercise
22-23 October 2014 - Milan, (Italy)

MEDREG capacity-building meetings aim at answering specific learning needs identified by a group of member regulators. This objective is achieved through knowledge transfer from other MEDREG regulators, which present their national case underlying the path that led to the current situation as well as the challenges ahead.

Our second exercise concerns reporting methodologies, with particular reference to the collection of data to monitor the activity of regulated entities. Senior staff from ERSE (Portugal), EgyptEra (Egypt), and CNMC (Spain) will train 13 participants from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Italy, Malta and Palestine.

Documents  of the meeting are available here

1st MEDREG Capacity Building

Milan, 7 May 2014
MEDREG held its first capacity building session in Milan on  7 May. The subject of the meeting was the restructuring of gas and electricity tariffs. In particular, the exercise analyzed the optimal tariff structure for those markets that are in the process of opening to liberalization, with particular attention to the different categories of consumers. Representatives of 5 member regulators took part in the meeting as trainees: ERE (Albania), EgyptEra (Egypt), ERC (Jordan), PUA (Israel) and PERC (Palestine). Salvatore Lanza and Nicolo' Di Gaetano (AEEGSI, Italy) and Mehmet Erturk (EMRA, Turkey) delivered presentations and case-studies.

Documents  of the meeting are available here


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