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Training activities allows MEDREG to implement its prominent task of promoting the exchange of know-how, expertise and capacity building through specialised training sessions and studies in the field of energy regulation.

In this respect, training sessions and seminars are considered as a key element to create and share a common vision of energy regulation in the Mediterranean region. Mediterranean Energy Regulators intend to develop and consolidate a strategic axis and become the point of reference for and promoter of technical cooperation, data consolidation, research and scientific coordination, and general support to energy governance towards a final goal: preparing the establishment of a possible Mediterranean Energy Community.

Up-coming trainings

Setting of tariffs, 18-20 September 2018, Milan (Italy)

As part of its support activities to members, MEDREG is organising a training on setting of tariffs.
This tailor-made 3-day training defines the theoretical objectives that regulation should pursue in designing gas and electricity tariffs and will introduce participants to several issues surrounding ratemaking both under liberalised and traditional markets. We will explore the fundamentals of gas and electricity tariff design and its relation with the overall functioning of the energy markets. Then, we will discuss the different costs that are reflected in access and integral tariffs for electricity and gas as well as the various structure and design for each type of tariff. Finally, the hot topics of subsidies to consumers and their impact on tariffs will be analysed. 

The course is designed to encourage the active involvement of all trainees in the training. Each session will combine presentations with discussions on the practical issues and challenges faced by participants in their daily work. In addition to the use of lectures and discussions, participants will receive from each speaker a set of notes summarizing the main take-away points of the session and will be engaged in a problem-solving exercise to enhance their understanding of the topics presented in the course.

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Electricity monitoring tools, December 2018

More information will be available in due time.

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