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March 2018
MEDREG informative leaflet
This brochure provides an overview of our organisation, its membership, governance, mission, areas of work, network and latest reports. It highlights our recent achievements and tries to demonstrate MEDREG’s unique position to foster Euro-Mediterranean energy market integration.
May 2017
MEDREG Annual Report 2016
2016 marked the tenth anniversary of our Association which helped to create trustful relationships and strong cooperation between Mediterranean energy regulators.
Over the past year, MEDREG supported the empowerment of member regulators through a variety of activities: we completed a successful peer review of the Egyptian electricity regulator, which resulted in tailor-made critical recommendations and we welcomed several technical cooperation initiatives in the Southern shore countries.
With regards to the integration of Mediterranean gas and electricity markets, MEDREG contributed to make significant progress. We evaluated electricity investment projects and promoted good performance of generators while sound methodologies to design gas tariffs and allocate gas capacity were discussed and shared to members.
In 2016, MEDREG’s role in the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Energy Platforms was confirmed. MEDREG was recognized as one of the main responsible bodies for technical deliverables to the Regional Electricity Market (REM) Platform, while we also played an important role in the Gas and Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REEE) Platforms.
Externally, we maintained and enhanced our relationships with fellow regulators at international level, pursuing our dialogue with European, Balkan and Emerging Markets counterparts.
 We were very active too in designing regulation for consumer-friendly markets able to achieve RES targets, with particular emphasis on the protection of vulnerable consumers.
Our regulatory vision was widely disseminated on the occasion of events and through various publications and communications. 
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July 2016
MEDREG Annual Report 2015
Mediterranean Energy Regulators perform an increasing number of activities and support the setting up of an efficient regulatory framework for electricity and gas markets in the Mediterranean region. As the only Association representing the public authorities responsible for electricity and gas regulation of 21 Mediterranean countries, we strongly believe in the central role of independent regulators and will keep on developing recommendations and providing continuous support to our members in this respect.Thanks to the work performed so far to integrate and harmonize electricity and gas markets, MEDREG can be counted among the most relevant organizations in the Mediterranean energy sector. In the future, MEDREG will increase its commitment to support national regulator in developing and strengthening their role. It is our pleasure to share these achievements with you and to send you our 2015 Annual Report.
July 2016
MEDREG Action Plan 2016/2018
Action Plan 2016-2018 The MEDREG Action Plan was updated by each MEDREG Working Group (WG) and Task Force (TF) including the main objectives and expected deliverables for the next three years(2016-2018). During the WG meetings that took place in the first half of 2016, for each deliverable WG members updated the list of deliverables, division of tasks among them, requested support to the Secretariat and expected deadlines. MEDREG Action Plan also contains the fundamental targets , in line with the MEDREG Strategy Plan for the 2020-2030 period.
February 2016
Evolution of the Mediterranean energy sector 2013-2015
MEDREG is glad to present its latest publication “Evolution of the Mediterranean energy sector 2013-2015” that collects the the Association's achievements performed during the three years.

A section of the publication shows the major results in terms of energy regulation obtained by MEDREG members. The reports issued by MEDREG Working Groups have been relevant to support Southern shore member regulators in achieving their objectives, testifying for the key role played by the Association in favor of the regulatory harmonization of the region.

Fact-findings from the publication include the following steps forward made by MEDREG members:
  • the process of establishment of the Moroccan electricity regulator and the Egyptian gas regulator is advancing;
  • the reinforcement of institutional cooperation with Euro-Mediterranean energy stakeholders, such as the close cooperation with Med-TSO in the context of the UfM Euro-Mediterranean Platform on the Regional Electricity Market;
  • the enhancement of knowledge about good regulatory principles and practice among Southern shore members as well as intensified exchange and publication of data on Mediterranean gas and electricity markets.
The MEDREG publication is available here
February 2016
MEDREG book "Regulation and Investments in Energy Markets: Solutions for the Mediterranean" available online and in the book stores starting from today!

 MEDREG is pleased to announce the publication of the book “ Regulation & Investments in Energy Markets - Solutions for the Mediterranean” that collects the most relevant contribution produced by the first MEDREG Forum and several additional interventions from Mediterranean energy experts and researchers.

While Mediterranean countries face unprecedented challenges in the energy sector, this book  presents detailed information on energy policy and regulation, two necessary key factors needed to tackle the energy efficiency challenges of the region.

Key Features

  • Contains a detailed overview of the specificities and institutional frameworks of Mediterranean, giving greater clarity on existing energy practices in the region
  • Provides recommendations and contributions from leading scholars and key players in energy policy research
  • Presents information with a region-wide interdisciplinary approach based on specific industry information

The MEDREG book is out and available on Elsevier online book store at the following link:

29 May 2015
MEDREG informative leaflet
Association of the Mediterranean Energy Regulators

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