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29 May 2015
MEDREG action plan 2015 - 2017
The MEDREG Action Plan was updated by each Working Group (WG) including the main objectives and expected deliverables on the relevant period. For each deliverable, the WG have indicated the requested support (such as training activities) as well as the referent regulator for each task. Moreover, the Action Plan expresses the fundamental targets 2020-2030 for every WG e TF, in line with the MEDREG Strategy Plan for the period 2020-2030.
MEDREG Annual Report 2014
Mediterranean Energy Regulators are pleased to share with you their newly published Annual Report. In 2014 we succeeded in keeping our momentum as an active association of regional cooperation with a clear vision towards the future. We have completed and approved our Strategy for 2020-2030, which identifies five major targets: a sound regulatory institutional framework; optimal conditions for infrastructure investments; functioning, competitive and transparent electricity and gas markets; efficient protection of consumers, in particular of vulnerable ones; and intensified regional cooperation and setting up of pilot projects. To implement these targets we decided to establish a peer review program, which will support our members in the improvement of their national regulatory framework.
Last year MEDREG went on investigating the investment climate for energy infrastructure in the Mediterranean area. Investments were also at the heart of MEDREG’s first Forum on Energy Regulation (November 2014, Barcelona). In addition. MEDREG signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Commission and Med-TSO, the Association of Mediterranean Transmission System Operators for Electricity. This protocol allows the signatories to join forces in favor of the creation of a sound Mediterranean Energy Community and identifies MEDREG as a key actor in the context of the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Platforms.
Pursuant to the first edition of the MEDREG Forum, held in Barcelona on 26 November 2014, the Mediterranean Energy Regulators are pleased to share with you the related publication "MEDREG Papers n.2".
The MEDREG Forum 2014 enabled our Association to hear out opinions of researchers and practitioners on the state of play and main proposals to enhance investments in the Mediterranean energy sector. This booklet summarizes the contributions presented by the speakers, as well as the main conclusions of the event. The publication is conceived as a multimedia file including active links to Forum speakers’ affiliations, as well as to MEDREG members’ websites. MEDREG Papers will continue to report about debates and facts concerning Mediterranean energy regulation, building on the growing interaction between the Association and all relevant stakeholders in the region.
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