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20 November 2013
CEER-MEDREG roundtable
MEDREG, the energy regulators of Mediterranean countries, and CEER, the European energy regulators, held on 20th November a joint round-table3 in Grasse (France). It was an important occasion to host a high level debate on regulatory challenges in European and Mediterranean energy markets and discuss the requirement for attracting infrastructural investments in the energy sector of the Euro- Mediterranean region. Representatives of regulatory authorities, as well as delegates of industry and financial institutions gave their contributions to the discussion.
ACTION PLAN 2013-2015
The MEDREG Action Plan reports the main objectives, expected outputs, deadlines and training activities of the Working Groups (WG) and Task Forces (TF). Moreover, the Action Plan expresses the fundamental targets 2015-2020 for every WG e TF, in line with the MEDREG Strategic Plan for the period 2015-2020.
Mediterranean Energy Regulators are pleased to share with you their first Annual Report. This report provides an overview of the main achievements of MEDREG’s Working Groups and Task Forces underlining the growing role of the Association as a regional organisation for regulatory cooperation in the context of a changing Mediterranean area. The report also includes information on our training and capacity-building initiatives as well as on our communication activities and our relations with external partners. An important part of the report is dedicated to MEDREG’s strategy towards the Mediterranean Energy Community. Our aim is to foster the role of energy regulators as a regional point of reference to support stronger energy governance, technical cooperation, data consolidation and transparency, and scientific coordination among members. MEDREG also strives to become a resource centre for Mediterranean energy stakeholders.
January 2013
European Energy Journal
This publication, issued on the European Energy Journal under the title Establishing a Regional Mediterranean Electricity Market: Assessment and Strategy, has been developed by members of the Ad-hoc Group on Electricity Issues and the Secretariat, on the basis of a recent MEDREG study on the matter.
May 2012
Speech by Sen. Lhou Lmarbouh, PAM rapporteur on energy, to the 13th meeting of the United Nations Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea– New York 29 May 2012 on “Marine Renewable Energy”.
Thanks to the institutional partnership with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), the most effective instrument of parliamentary diplomacy in the Region, MEDREG had the chance to be included in the speech by Sen. Lhou Lmarbouh, to the 13th meeting of the United Nations on “Marine Renewable Energy”. In this occasion it has been underlined the fundamental role of MEDREG in the constitution of a Mediterranean Energy Community, like the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB), which is an international institution based on an international Treaty signed among Governments of the Balkan region. Senator Lmarbouh has expressed the importance of supporting MEDREG with sufficient political sustain by the Governments of the Mediterranean region with the aim to become a permanent Association institution. This would guarantee the continuity of MEDREG pivotal role of harmonizer in regional energy regulation and, by consequence hence, its driving role of driver of for economic growth and social progress in the Mediterranean region.
May 2012
Since its creation MEDREG has conceived and implemented an ambitious work plan, aimed to build a common vision among its Members based on concrete and in-depth expertise exchange. Today, the achievements of this period of intense activity are presented to all stakeholders in this unique 5-Year Report. It gathers the executive summaries of all deliverables and technical outputs produced by the Ad Hoc Group on Institutional issues (INS AG), the Ad Hoc Group on Electricity (ELE AG), the Ad Hoc Group on Gas (GAS AG), the Ad Hoc Group on Environment, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency (RES AG), and the Task Force on Consumer issues (CUS TF). The executive summaries are presented in the form of thematic fiches and briefly develop the main contents of each report, highlighting their conclusions and recommendations. This allows MEDREG to better explain and promote the very concrete results of our activities over the last 5 years.
March 2011
MEDREG has just submiitted its contribution to the EC Public Consultation on "the external dimension of the European Union Energy policy". This initiatives acknowledges the necessity for the EU to ensure efficient energy markets and security of energy supply in the Union and beyond its borders, notably through the promotion of energy efficiency and energy saving, the development of renewable energy sources, and the promotion of interconnected energy networks. According to these objectives, "the external dimension therefore needs to be a full part in the recent and forthcoming initiatives" of the EU. In the response to the European Commission, MEDREG members underline that the objectives set by the Action Plan for 2011-2013 require a long term vision designed at regional level. Continuous efforts are necessary to achieve a harmonised and coherent regulatory framework through a step-by-step approach. MEDREG is definitely positioned in this long-term perspective, notably by addressing the opportunity to provide support in terms of expertise and capacity building to the Integration of Electricity Markets of Maghreb Countries (IMME) for the period 2010-2015.
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