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September 2018
Leaflet on Gas Markets in the Mediterranean
This leaflet provides an insight of the existing natural gas infrastructure and gas market competition present in the Mediterranean. Based on two reports published earlier in 2018, this short publication highlights the main outcomes of these studies in a reader-friendly and approachable way.
MEDREG seeks to identify requirements that could lead to the development of an integrated, competitive, secure and functioning gas market in the Mediterranean region. In order to develop this work, MEDREG has developed a set of indicators, reported in this leaflet, to help understand the current situation in its member countries.
June 2018
Booklet on the Mediterranean Energy Regulatory Outlook 2017
Based on the Mediterranean Energy Regulatory Outlook 2017, which is a major report published by MEDREG in January 2018 informing about the status of energy regulation in the Mediterranean Basin, this booklet provides a summary of its main findings in a reader-friendly format
It highlights the trends drawn from the data collected, and contains fact sheets about MEDREG members’ regulatory status, features and powers. A short conclusion for each of the regulatory authority is also proposed as a take away point.
This pedagogical publication aims at enabling MEDREG’s members, external partners and energy stakeholders to find out at a glance about the state of play of energy regulation in the Mediterranean countries.
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March 2018
MEDREG informative leaflet
This brochure provides an overview of our organisation, its membership, governance, mission, areas of work, network and latest reports. It highlights our recent achievements and tries to demonstrate MEDREG’s unique position to foster Euro-Mediterranean energy market integration.
February 2016
Evolution of the Mediterranean energy sector 2013-2015
MEDREG is glad to present its latest publication “Evolution of the Mediterranean energy sector 2013-2015” that collects the the Association's achievements performed during the three years.

A section of the publication shows the major results in terms of energy regulation obtained by MEDREG members. The reports issued by MEDREG Working Groups have been relevant to support Southern shore member regulators in achieving their objectives, testifying for the key role played by the Association in favor of the regulatory harmonization of the region.

Fact-findings from the publication include the following steps forward made by MEDREG members:
  • the process of establishment of the Moroccan electricity regulator and the Egyptian gas regulator is advancing;
  • the reinforcement of institutional cooperation with Euro-Mediterranean energy stakeholders, such as the close cooperation with Med-TSO in the context of the UfM Euro-Mediterranean Platform on the Regional Electricity Market;
  • the enhancement of knowledge about good regulatory principles and practice among Southern shore members as well as intensified exchange and publication of data on Mediterranean gas and electricity markets.
The MEDREG publication is available here
29 May 2015
MEDREG informative leaflet
Pursuant to the first edition of the MEDREG Forum, held in Barcelona on 26 November 2014, the Mediterranean Energy Regulators are pleased to share with you the related publication "MEDREG Papers n.2".
The MEDREG Forum 2014 enabled our Association to hear out opinions of researchers and practitioners on the state of play and main proposals to enhance investments in the Mediterranean energy sector. This booklet summarizes the contributions presented by the speakers, as well as the main conclusions of the event. The publication is conceived as a multimedia file including active links to Forum speakers’ affiliations, as well as to MEDREG members’ websites. MEDREG Papers will continue to report about debates and facts concerning Mediterranean energy regulation, building on the growing interaction between the Association and all relevant stakeholders in the region.
20 November 2013
CEER-MEDREG roundtable
MEDREG, the energy regulators of Mediterranean countries, and CEER, the European energy regulators, held on 20th November a joint round-table3 in Grasse (France). It was an important occasion to host a high level debate on regulatory challenges in European and Mediterranean energy markets and discuss the requirement for attracting infrastructural investments in the energy sector of the Euro- Mediterranean region. Representatives of regulatory authorities, as well as delegates of industry and financial institutions gave their contributions to the discussion.
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