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Jordan : Exclusive rights are being given to the Jordanian Energy Regulator EMRC to regulate all energy sources 

The Jordanian Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC) has recently seen its duties and prerogatives extended, resulting in a reinforcement of its regulatory authority. A law was published by the government (No 8 Year 2017) giving exclusive rights to EMRC to regulate, supervise, and monitor the nuclear and radiation; mining; electricity; renewable energy; petroleum; oil shale and gas sectors, making EMRC a comprehensive regulatory body with legal regulatory powers. Hear EMRC Commissioner and MEDREG Vice-President Wijdan AlRabadi about the Jordanian Regulator’s extended powers:

EMRC has benefited from MEDREG working groups’ reports and studies which enabled the Jordanian regulator to learn about experiences from different MEDREG member countries, helping it to correctly implement the laws.
More recently, in the context of MEDREG’s Support to National Reforms, EMRC defined the focus of its peer review which will look into Licensing Procedures. This latest personalised and targeted support activity currently carried out by MEDREG should further reinforce EMRC’s powers and good regulatory practices.

Meanwhile, two guidelines regarding the connection of renewable energy systems under the wheeling and net-metering schemes have been published by EMRC. These two documents include specific information on connection application procedures and application requirements. Also, they contain the technical standards that the renewable energy system is expected to comply with and the technical limitations that the system must be within, as well as general terms that the applicant and the electricity companies must comply with and the rights of each party. Furthermore, these documents include details and terms of the system operation, inspection, and the expected annual testing. Finally, the methodology for the financial aspects of these projects is clarified, in terms of tariff, selling of excess energy production, or the importing of energy from the electricity grid by the subscriber benefiting from the renewable energy system (in the case of the net-metering scheme).

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