January 2020
Mediterranean Electricity Markets Observatory (MEMO)
Conducted for the first time in 2007, the Mediterranean Electricity Market Observatory (MEMO) monitors the evolution of national, sub-regional and regional electricity markets, every three years.
This edition focusses on national data and regional integration. It assesses national priorities in Mediterranean countries and their potential for being a part of the integrated sub-regional and regional electricity markets.
The report highlights that there is a considerable contrast around the Mediterranean Sea, between the northern shore where infrastructures and supply have reached very high standards, and the southern and eastern shores where networks, generation and regional integration are progressing at different speeds in different areas.
In this context, regional cooperation appears to be a privileged option for mutual strengthening of national systems. Cross-border integration offers opportunities for building upon complementarities of systems and providing broader outlets to RES generation. However, challenges are important, and transmission system operators and regulators have a crucial role to play.  
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