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18-19-20 October
Training on Infrastructure Investments, Network Remuneration, and Tariffs

As key actors of the energy transition, energy regulators must grasp the multiple facets to advance the power sector and to push forward the energy transition agenda. Some of the main factors affecting them are the infrastructure, network remuneration, and tariffs that reflect well the costs of production and the needs of the consumers.

To provide further information on these 3 pillars, MEDREG organises a training with speakers from different backgrounds that can best attack the highlighted subjects, giving each one a complete day of lectures and discussions.

  1. The first day will look at the importance of infrastructure by discussing transmission and distribution investments and how they should be made to maximise the return of decarbonisation. Losses also have a very important role in developing infrastructure especially with the ongoing trend for distributed generation.
  2. The second day, network remuneration will be highlighted by tackling subjects such as the methodologies to calculate remunerations for the electricity and gas transmission, transport, and distribution, as well as the requirements to connect small and large-scale renewable energy projects to the grid.
  3. Day three will focus on the tariffs by discussing the alleviation of subsidies and setting cost-reflective tariffs while taking into consideration the wheeling tariffs that will have a different structure in smart grids.
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