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We gave our views on the role of international financial institutions to deliver secure, affordable and sustainable energy
21 June 2018

Participating in a public consultation on the EBRD's five-year (2019-2023) Energy Strategy, MEDEG shared its view at a joint seminar UfM-EBRD held in Barcelona on 21 June. The event aimed at gathering views from UfM and EBRD Mediterranean stakeholders on the future of the sector and the role of International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

Represented by Mr. Hasan Ozkoc (MEDREG Deputy Secretary General) and Ms. Veronica Lenzi (MEDREG Policy and Content Manager), MEDREG representatives actively contributed to the discussions, providing the regulator’s views on the challenges awaiting gas and electricity markets.
More specifically, MEDREG called on the IFIs not only to invest in interconnections linking the North and the South but also in infrastructure connecting Southern Mediterranean countries between themselves.  The IFIs present in the seminar acknowledged those messages. MEDREG further drew the EBRD’s attention to the fact that when investing in some Mediterranean countries, they should require the governments to involve regulators in the evaluation of infrastructure projects. Other participants included representatives from the governments of Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, OME, RCREEE, energy experts and NGOs.

With this early-stage strategy, the EBRD seeks to collect the thoughts and opinions from academics, government officials, government agencies and think tanks on the key issues that surround the sector and how we can work together to deliver energy that is secure, affordable and sustainable through the transition to a market oriented low carbon energy sector. The strategy is driven by the need to tackle climate change, improve air quality and by the falling of renewable energy costs and the changing of natural gas market, associated with the transition and development of the energy sector in many countries around the Mediterranean.

The publication consultation was followed in the afternoon by a joint conference UfM-MEDREG for the presentation of the Mediterranean Energy Regulatory Outlook 2017.

This report represents the first deliverable that MEDREG shares with the UfM, as agreed under the work programme of the UfM REM Platform. Based on data collected from 20 Mediterranean energy regulators and ministries, the report presents the status of energy regulation in the Mediterranean basin and aims to provide a complete overview about how the national energy sectors are ruled.

Mr. Nicolò Di Gaetano (INS WG Chair) presented the report, after a foreword from Mr Ozkoc. Ms. Olgu Okumus (Head of the Energy Sector at the UfM Secretariat) concluded the meeting. Participants included representatives from the energy ministries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan and Lebanon, officers from EBRD and OME and international energy consultants. 

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