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Visiting Algeria for reinforcing and enhancing cooperation in the Western Mediterranean countries
9 April 2018
Visiting Algeria for reinforcing and enhancing cooperation in the Western Mediterranean countries Participating in the Energy Forum and meeting with its Algerian members CREG and ARH on 8 and 9 April in Algiers, MEDREG exchanged views on cooperation initiatives to facilitate the sustainable energy transition and reinforce the capacities of the energy regulators in the Western Mediterranean region.
  • Algerian Energy Forum «Towards a strengthened Partnership for a sustainable energy transition», 8 April, Algiers
  Along with the 200 representatives of civil society, industries, international and financial institutions, states delegations and energy experts, MEDREG actively took part in the Forum on Energies «Towards a strengthened Partnership for a sustainable energy transition», hosted by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 8 April 2019 in Algiers.
The Forum aimed at collecting ideas, initiatives and projects of cooperation to boost the sustainable energy transition in the Western Mediterranean region.
In an interactive and constructive exchange, the participants formulated some proposals, which will be assessed by the Secretariat of the Two Shores Summit with a view to presenting between 10 to 15 initiatives for political endorsement at the Summit next June in Marseille. A wide range of concrete ideas were, inter alia, put forward by the participants as follows:
  • Promoting and politically supporting electricity and gas interconnections in the region (Italy-Tunisia; Greece-Italy and France-Spain)
  • Increasing use of gas particularly LNG in the region;
  • Supporting of a harmonised regulation for the air conditioning equipment in the Mediterranean region;
  • Reforming the regulatory framework to simplify the bureaucracy to develop renewable energy sources in the region;
  • Starting a pilot smart grid project.
MEDREG, represented by its DSG Mr Hasan Ozkoc, recalled the audience that the energy transition at Mediterranean level requires a compatible, non-discriminatory and strong regulatory framework with a view to establishing a secure, stable and competitive energy market in the MEDREG’s countries and made a proposal to identify projects of common interests through a harmonised regulatory framework in the Mediterranean. With regards to the market integration and interconnections, the European Commission, represented by Anne-Charlotte Bourneville (DG ENER) praised the work carried out by MEDREG and MED-TSO in analysing the situation of the energy markets and in making recommendations and proposals for more integrated and interconnected markets in the Mediterranean. She went further and made a proposal to the Forum Secretariat that the Heads of States invite MEDREG and MED-TSO, in the June Summit in Marseille, to work on a road map to develop the integration of the electricity market and the energy trade between the Maghreb countries and the Western-Southern European countries.
The idea is to start at a sub-regional scale with the involvement of 5 (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malta) + 5 countries (Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia) and in the medium term, extend the project to the entire Mediterranean region.

Description of the image: Energy Forum «Towards a strengthened Partnership for a sustainable energy transition», 8 April, Algiers  
  • Meeting with our Algerian members: The Regulatory Commission of Electricity and Gas (CREG) and the Algerian Hydrocarbon Regulatory Authority (ARH), 9 April, Algiers
The following day, the MEDREG Secretariat met with representatives of CREG and ARH who updated each other on their mutual activities and identified new areas of cooperation for next year. CREG, represented by Mr Farid Rahoual (Board Member), Mr Brahim Nouicer (Board Member), Ms. Wassilia Atimene (Director of Public Service Concessions) and Ms. Karima Mededjel (Director of Communication and External Relations), shared the status of their ongoing call for tender to determine RES prices through auctioning system for 150 MW; tender for which MEDREG had assisted the regulator in the launch last October.
The regulator indicated that they might welcome some support on the elaboration of the costs of ancillary services next year, in addition to the personalised MEDREG workshop planned next October on the financing, definition and identification of public service obligations for electricity and gas. This meaningful exchange will inform the elaboration of MEDREG’s 2020 action plan on the activities related to the support to national reforms in the Southern shore. From left to right:  Mr Brahim Nouicer, Mr. Hasan Ozkoc, Mr Farid Rahoual, Ms Daphné Lacroix, Ms. Wassilia Atimene and Ms. Karima Mededjel For their part, ARH President Mr Allaaoua Saidani and Mr Sofiane Djaoui, ARH Director of Tariffs, expressed interest in getting more involved in MEDREG, particularly in the gas related initiatives and reports, underlining the specificity of their regulatory action that applies to the upstream part of the hydrocarbons market.
Mr Saidini invited the Secretariat to officially reactivate the relationship between ARH and MEDREG, and provide them with an overview of the support that we can offer them in their areas of interest such as, Third Party Access and tariff setting in order to define our future cooperation activities with them. From left to right:  Mr Sofiane Djaoui, Mr. Hasan Ozkoc, Mr Allaaoua Saidani and Ms Daphné Lacroix.
  • Meeting with the EU Delegation to Algeria, 9 April, Algiers
  In the afternoon of the same day, MEDREG delegation met with Mr. Vincenzo Randazzo, First Secretary and Political Adviser at the EU Delegation in Algiers. The two exchanged on Algerian’s current energy issues and how the two institutions can collaborate to complement each other’s support activities to the Algerian regulators and maximize the impact of the EU Neighbours South Support policies and instruments.
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