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Accompanying Jordan’s efforts towards a more efficient and greener energy market
19 - 21 March 2019
From 19 to 21 March, the MEDREG Secretariat, represented by Ms. Veronica Lenzi and Mr. Matteo Lambicchi, met with important Jordanian energy players including MEDREG’s Member EMRC, the EU delegation to Jordan and other governmental, business and institutional organisations. These various exchanges enabled MEDREG to grasp Jordan’s current energy priorities and challenges, allowing the organisation to define its support activities for the coming months in line with the actual needs of its member and in coherence with the national energy context.

- Meeting with the Jordanian regulator EMRC, Amman, 19 March:

Following the peer-review conducted for EMRC last year on the regulator’s electricity licensing procedures, MEDREG Secretariat, represented by Ms. Veronica Lenzi and Mr. Matteo Lambicchi, met EMRC’s Communication and International Cooperation Department in Amman on 19 March. The visit aimed at getting acquainted with EMRC’s working priorities to accommodate them in MEDREG’s work. MEDREG also sought to identify the topics for the support workshop that it will organize for its Jordanian member in the second semester of 2019.
In the light of the peer review’s results, EMRC is keen to focus the workshop on the tools that regulators have to monitor licensees. Currently, EMRC can either fully accept the report provided monthly by licensees (soft tool) or can go and inspect the licensee’s field of operation (hard tool). EMRC would like to explore other possible ways of interacting with licensees that can be hybrid between the soft and hard tools they use. Additionally, EMRC would welcome some insights on electricity storage, a topic which is getting high traction in Jordan. MEDREG will explore the possibility of addressing these two topics in the workshop planned in Amman on 27-28 November 2019. EMRC also expressed its interest in providing data regularly.

- RES4MED Business to Government High-Level Workshop: accelerating the renewable energy transition in Jordan, 20 March

The following day, the MEDREG Secretariat participated in the RES4MED workshop together with Ms. Muna Al Mousa (Head of Energy Conservation Section Electrical & Renewable Energy Department at EMRC and MEDREG’s electricity Working Group Co-Chair). The workshop allowed the development of proactive dialogue with the local institutions, the most relevant stakeholders of the Jordanian energy market and several international companies and institutions.

Participants included representatives of the government, EDAMA a business association of energy, water and environment industry, consultancy such as PWC and Poyri, investors such as Siemens Gamesa, financial institutions such as JREEE, the Jordan Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Fund and Med-TSO.

Participating in the first panel related to "Setting the context", Ms. Al Mousa described the role of EMRC in ensuring a stable regulatory framework in the Jordanian energy sector, specifically related to the promotion and development of renewable energy projects. Meanwhile, Ms. Lenzi contributed to the second panel focusing on long-term strategies as mechanisms for exploiting new business models for an effective integration of RES. Ms Lenzi highlighted the role of regulator in managing licensing procedures as well as how Jordan could foster its energy market by deepening the regional integration with neighbouring countries, mentioning the workshop MEDREG will organize in November in Amman to support its Jordanian regulator EMRC. The topic of the MEDREG workshop was received with great interest by Jordanian stakeholders.

- Meeting with EU Delegation to Jordan, 20 March:

Making the most of its Jordanian visit, the MEDREG delegation, accompanied by with Angelo Ferrante (Med-TSO Secretary General), met with Mr. Omar Abu-Eid, Programme Manager for Energy, Environment and Climate Change at the EU Delegation to Jordan. The objective of the meeting was to strengthen relations with the Delegation, exchange on the latest energy developments in Jordan and ask for possible topics on which MEDREG and Med-TSO could focus in the future.

Mr. Abu-Eid gave some insight about Jordan’s revised national energy strategy up to 2030, and the technical assistance provided by the EU to accompany the country to reach its RES objectives. He encouraged MEDREG and Med-TSO to consider monitoring, reporting and verification as key topics to be developed in their future work plans to reinforce the prerogatives and duties of the Jordanian TSO and regulator in these fields.

Nonetheless, EMRC is getting increasingly recognized and performing well its duties according to the EU Delegation, although it would need to be more independent from the Ministry in order to start playing its full role, as stated in the law.

Looking forward, MEDREG shall seek to be more involved in the development of the national strategies.
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