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MEDREG’s 25th General Assembly backed up the support of net metering in Palestine, the benchmark of disconnection procedures and good practices on gas tariff methodologies
5 July 2018
The day after a workshop organised by MEDREG in Lisbon on the “Future of Gas in the Mediterranean Region”, MEDREG held its 25th General Assembly meeting in Lisbon gathering 19 Mediterranean energy regulators on 5 July.

MEDREG members were updated on the progress made on the various deliverables planned under the Action Plan 2018-2019 and expected under the Grant contract signed between the Association and the European Commission, which co-finances the project.

An important part of the meeting was dedicated to MEDREG support to national reforms led by the Institutional (INS) WG.
Significant progress in the ongoing peer review of the Jordanian electricity licensing procedures were shared while the GA approved an assessment report for the Palestine Energy Regulatory Commission (PERC) on Net Metering.  The report, jointly coordinated by the INS and Renewable (RES) Working Groups, supports the Palestinian regulator PERC in evaluating the possibility to establish a net metering system in the country. First, the report describes the role of net metering in the electricity grids through the presentation of several international experiences. Then, the legal and technical situation of Palestine in relation to net metering application is analysed with a focus on the technical and economic impact that net metering could have on the Palestinian grid. Finally, recommendations on the regulatory, economic procedural, technical and capacity development steps to be taken in order to implement net metering in Palestine are provided.

In terms of electricity market integration, progress was acknowledged on a Cross Border Cost Allocation (CBCA) report, updated in collaboration with Med-TSO, as well as on the preliminary work that has been done for the elaboration of regulatory options for the stimulation of infrastructure development in Southern Mediterranean countries.

The work being done on RES and in particular on smart grids was also presented. The Electricity (ELE) and RES WGs are jointly analysing the technologies that are being developed for smart grids in MEDREG countries. The analysis will take the form of a report that will include the members’ case studies.

As for gas, the General Assembly (GA) approved a compilation of case studies on good practices on tariff methodologies. The document shares good practices and information among MEDREG members regarding the computation of natural gas access tariffs to transmission networks, distribution networks, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminals and underground storages. Four different case studies have been collected and explored, specifically Portugal, France, Italy and Turkey. In addition, the preliminary work to the monitoring of compliance with the Guidelines of Good Practice (GGP) on TPA for gas in MEDREG countries members was presented. 

The GA also approved a survey of disconnection procedures due to unpaid bills. The report provides a general overview of disconnection procedures applied in MEDREG countries and exchange experiences on how to manage defaulting consumers, identifying specific issues on which MEDREG can develop concrete recommendations for the regulators of the region. As a next step, the MEDREG Consumer (CUS) WG will evaluate the preparation of a report including detailed recommendation on how to improve disconnection procedures for each of the country involved in this study. An update was also given on MEDREG-ECRB joint status review on complaint handing, dispute settlement and consumer awareness.

The MEDREG Secretariat also recalled the two up-coming trainings on “Setting of tariffs” scheduled in September and on “Market functioning and monitoring tools” foreseen in December.
Our contribution to the UfM platform was also mentioned with our recent presentation of the Regulatory Outlook to the UfM members and stakeholders last June.

In addition, MEDREG members welcomed two guest speakers from fellow regulators. They learnt about the evolution of the energy regulatory framework in the energy sector in Georgia, presented by Mrs. Maia Melikidze, Commissioner of the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission.

Mr. Andreas Thanos, Gas Policy Specialist from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) at NARUC, the American energy regulator, also provided an overview of the US Natural Gas Sector and Markets and a brief history of natural gas regulation in the US.
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