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Optimisation of the infrastructure, RES auctioning and smart grids are at the heart of MEDREG’s work on electricity and Renewable
18 October 2018
Kindly hosted by the Spanish Energy Regulatory Commission (CNMC), MEDREG’s Electricity (ELE) and Renewable (RES) Working Groups met on 18 October in Madrid, gathering 19 participants from Albania, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Portugal and Spain.

MEDREG is currently working on a methodology for Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Cross-Border Cost Allocation (CBCA) for the Mediterranean infrastructure projects, in close cooperation with Med-TSO. MED-TSO joined the meeting in Madrid to assess the progress of that joint deliverable, which will be further enriched. The two organisations took that opportunity to plan their joint work plan for next year in the framework of the UfM Regional Electricity Market Platform (UfM REM Platform).

In addition, the group discussed the regulatory options to stimulate the infrastructure, which is the subject of a key report expected by the end of the year.

The Electricity Working Group was followed by the Renewable Working Group, which focused on auction mechanisms to promote renewable energy. Partially based on the recent workshop given to the Algerian regulator CREG, MEDFEG is elaborating a report, led by our Cypriot member (CERA), which will present the various mechanisms applied in the Mediterranean.

In addition, the Israeli electricity regulator (PUA) presented its national project on PV rooftops and exchanged with members how they can attract and foster investments in their respective country.

Finally, the two groups held a joint session to discuss their joint report on smart grids. The Spanish and French members (CNMC and CRE) presented the draft report to members with the aim to finalise it by the end of the year. The report will be promoted through a pedagogical leaflet to be produced in the next months.

The Electricity and RES work plan for 2019 was presented and approved by the two working groups, in view of its formal endorsement by the next General Assembly at the end of November.
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