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The Institutional Working Group acknowledged progress of support activities for 2018
13 March 2018
On 13 March 2018, the Institutional Working Group (INS WG) met back-to-back with the COs Network meeting in Milan to discuss the ongoing and programmed activities to support national reforms, acknowledging the progress of several support activities programmed for 2018 which are well under way.

Chaired by Mr. Nicolò Di Gaetano (ARERA/Acquirente Unico), the meeting included 12 participants from 6 members.

The Secretariat and INS WG Chair updated the Group on the status of each activity and the cooperation with the other WGs to implement them:

  • Study visit of the Egyptian gas regulator to ERSE (Portugal) under the TAIEX framework: The study visit of the Egyptian colleagues will last 3 days (16-18 April 2018) and will include one full day spent at the ERSE headquarters discussing the liberalization of gas markets, focusing on eligibility criteria. During the other days, the Egyptian delegation will meet representatives from the Portuguese Ministry of Energy.
  • Peer review to EMRC: The peer review team completed the list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which will be used as questionnaire for EMRC. Once the comments provided by the INS WG, the list will be submitted to the Jordanian colleagues to be filled and provide information for the final assessment report. 
  • Report on a possible net metering scheme for Palestine: This activity is performed in cooperation with the RES WG; the outline of the report is being drafted and reviewed by the INS WG.
  • Study visit of the Israeli gas regulator to CNMC (Spain) and EMRA (Turkey): This activity is held in cooperation with the CUS WG. The Israeli gas regulator NGA is currently opening its household gas market and would like to examine the procedures followed by other regulators when they faced the same situation. The Spanish and Turkish regulators offered to host the Israeli colleagues and are currently developing agendas for the event, which will then be shared with the INS and GAS WGs. The study visit should take place in the week of 7-11 May 2018. 
The next INS WG meeting will be kindly hosted by the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water by end of September 2018, back to back with the Beirut Energy Forum.
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