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MEDREG’s Working Groups met to elaborate and plan regulatory reports and support activities
February - March 2019

MEDREG’s Working Groups met to elaborate and plan regulatory reports and support activities

In February and March 2019, the Working Groups dedicated to institutional issues, electricity, gas, renewable energy (RES) and consumers met to elaborate and plan the reports and regulatory support activities foreseen this year.

Gas Working Group (GAS WG)

The GAS WG met on 12 February in Vienna to further design and elaborate the ongoing and programmed activities that include:

  • A contribution to the UfM Gas platform’s report on "the role of regulatory framework to promote investments for a gradual development of gas interconnections in the Mediterranean region". The outline of the report was agreed, specifying that the MEDREG contribution should only cover the technical aspects of the topic. MEDREG will indeed define technical guidelines to promote a harmonized and common regulatory framework, remaining neutral in its contribution. 
  • A training for GasReg, the Egyptian gas regulator: this support activity will be held in Cairo on the monitoring of the transmission and distribution segments of the gas market and will be designed to respond to the list of priority topics presented by the Egyptian member.
  • A forum on Mediterranean energy regulation: foreseen in November 2019, the forum will focus on gas and renewable energy.
  • The monitoring of compliance with the Guidelines of Good Practice (GGP) on transparency for gas in MEDREG countries: this will be carried out in cooperation with the ECRB and will take the form of a report for which the completion is envisaged by the end of the year.

The next GAS WG meeting will be hosted by the Egyptian gas regulator in Cairo, back-to-back with the GasReg dedicated support activity in Fall 2019.

Institutional Working Group (INS WG)
The INS WG met on 27 February in Athens. The Group discussed the ongoing and programmed activities for 2019, with a particular focus on the Support to National Reforms and on the definition of guidelines to evaluate the impact of MEDREG deliverables.

Electricity Working Group (ELE WG)
The ELE WG met on 13 March in Milan. The Group evoked the cooperation with Med-TSO for 2019 on the regulatory harmonisation and the planned joint deliverable on zonal approach which will feed the Union for the Mediterranean’s Regional Electricity Market Platform (UfM REM Platform) activities.
The Group also agreed to collaborate with Med-TSO on the preparation of the first concept of the Mediterranean Project of Common Interest (MPCI). Finally, the Electricity Market Observatory Report (MEMO) was discussed, with a focus on the work methodology that should be used.

Renewable Working Group (RES WG)

The RES WG met on 14 March in Milan to discuss the work methodology of the planned report addressing the promotion of RES in the Mediterranean region through auction mechanism, which is a key topic to attract investments in the Southern shore countries. The group also exchanged initial ideas of topics for the RES workshop that will be organised with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), back to back with the next General Assembly in Tirana next June.

Consumer Working Group (CUS WG)
The CUS WG met in Milan on 20 March to exchange on best regulatory practices to handle technical and non-technical losses of electricity, which is be the subject of a report foreseen by the end of the year.

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