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We exchanged with our UfM partners and discussed our support to national reform back-to-back the 9th International Beirut Energy Forum
26-27 September 2018
Beirut, Lebanon
MEDREG participated in the UfM Energy Platforms Steering Committee Meeting and held a meeting to discuss its support activities to regulatory reforms in the Southern shore as well as its contribution to the UfM Regional Electricity Market Platform (UfM REM Platform). Those meetings were held back-to-back with the 9th International Beirut Energy Forum, which gathers energy stakeholders every year in Lebanon to exchange on sustainable energy issues in the different parts of the Arab World and the Mediterranean.

On 26 September, MEDREG participated in the Steering Committee Meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)’s energy platforms, which took stoke of the work accomplished and presented the activities planned for next year. The meeting, held at EU Delegation in Beirut, saw the participation of the European Commission involving both the Neighbourhood and Energy departments (DG NEAR and DG ENER), Med-TSO, OME, and the UfM Secretariat.

MEDREG and Med-TSO jointly presented the work finalised so far, as part of their contract with the European Commission, and presented the future joint deliverable that both associations will perform in 2019 on the identification of Interconnected Electricity Exchange Zones (IEEZ) and Cross-Border Cost Allocation (CBCA). On the other hand, OME presented the work they are doing within the UfM Gas Platform work plan and the coordination they will do with MEDREG GAS WG on the gas regulatory issues, also based on the work plan of our working group.

The day after on the 27th September, making the most of our presence at the International Beirut Energy Forum, we held our 25th meeting of the Institutional Working Group (INS WG), gathering members from Egypt, France Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine who plan, coordinate and implement our support activities to promote regulatory reforms in the Southern shore. Med-TSO’s Secretary-General also joined the meeting to explain the cooperation that bound the two organisations in 2018 and presented the next deliverables they will perform jointly with the electricity working group.

The participants took stoke of the ongoing activities, acknowledging good progress with the Jordanian peer review, which is expected to be finalised at the end of November. The up-coming workshop planned early October to support Algeria in defining RES prices from auction mechanism was also discussed as well as the work plan for 2019 to support national reforms in MEDREG members.

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