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MEDREG explained how it supports infrastructure investments in RES and energy efficiency to Mediterranean and EU stakeholders
17-19 May 2017
La Valletta, Malta

On 17 May, the Center for Mediterranean Integration (animated by World Bank) organized a conference to introduce the EU "Clean Energy for All Europeans" Package (also known as "Winter Package") to Mediterranean countries to debate on possible opportunities.
MEDREG, represented by Mr. Nicolò di Gaetano, Chair of the Institutional working Group, explained how the organisation supports national regulations and multilateral collaborations to contribute to infrastructures investments in RES and energy efficiency.  
The main conclusions drawn of the meeting were that that there is a need to:

  • increase interconnections while improving existing ones
  • develop a common vision with a flexible approach
  • strengthen regional cooperation and bilateral agreements to remove barriers and foster integration.  

The main presentation was given by  Mr. Worsdorfer (Director DG ENER, EC) who underlined the main features of the draft laws, with a particular emphasis on the path for a low-carbon economy and financing measures to deploy RES and Energy Efficiency.

The following days, MEDREG also attended the Informal High Level Meeting on Energy Efficiency, held as part of the UfM RES  and Energy Efficiency Platform agenda, on 18-19 May. This meeting gathered a range of key EU energy stakeholders such as Mr. Cañete (EU Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy) and Mr. Ristori (Director General of DG ENERGY).  Focused on the potential benefits for the tourism sector coming from energy efficiency measures (up to 2.5 Billion euro per year), an update on the UfM Energy Platforms was also presented.

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