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MEDREG shared perspectives with Med-TSO’s stakeholders for a better integration of the electricity systems
15 March 2017
Madrid, Spain
On 15 March 2017, MEDREG participated in a workshop organized by the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (Med-TSO) on “A Common Target Regulatory Framework for the Mediterranean TSOs – Harmonization of Technical Rules”, which was hosted by Red Eléctrica de España (REE) at its headquarters in Alcobendas, Madrid.

As part of the second session of the workshop addressing regulatory harmonization, MEDREG shared its perspective on the regional regulatory dynamics towards a better integration of the electricity systems.

The Regulatory framework is a very important tool for TSOs and for investments. We propose a “snow ball strategy” which has to envisage a knowledge sharing and co-learning in both directions, between EU and non EU regulators. The EU regulators have a “savoir-faire” to share in particular regarding the relationship with TSOs, decision-making and implementing new rules. We suggest to address regulation in the south shore of the Mediterranean basin through a proper assessment of issues in order to elaborate effective solutions where the market is meant to be a tool”, declared Mr. Benoit Esnault, MEDREG Electricity Working Group Chairman. 

In addition, Mr. Luis Jesús Sanchez Tembleque, Chairman of the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Energy Efficiency Working Group, together with Mr. Jose Miguel Unison Rodriguez, presented the regulators’ perspectives on RES integration, work plan of MEDREG RES working group and the positive results of the twinning project carried out by the Algerian Energy Regulator (CREG), the Spanish Energy Regulator (CNMC) and the Austrian E-Control.

This workshop was attended by the main energy partners in the Mediterranean basin. Representatives from 13 countries took part in order to share views on the Common Target Regulatory Framework and the Tentative Road Map, as well as to exchange experience and challenges in the different fields of practical implementation at national level and multinational harmonization of rules concerning TSOs functions.

The presentations of the workshop are available here
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