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Disconnection procedures, complaint handling, dispute settlement and consumer awareness: current priorities of the MEDRED Consumer Working Group
22 February 2018
Vienna, Austria

Chaired by Mr. Mohammad Mayaah, the MEDREG’s Consumer Working Group (CUS WG) met in on 22 February 2018. The Group is making progress on its disconnection procedures survey, is planning its support to the Israeli gas member on domestic household gas consumer connections procedures and is working together with the Energy Community on complaint handling, dispute settlement and consumer awareness.

The Group is currently working on the elaboration of a survey on disconnection procedures. It is analysing the 17 replies received so far from members to a questionnaire. Further qualitative and quantitative information will be sought in the coming weeks in order to obtain a robust analysis. The report should be presented next June to the General Assembly for adoption.

The Group also discussed the implementation of the support requested by the Israeli gas regulator, which is opening its domestic gas market and is interested in getting to know international experiences from other regulators. Study visits to the Spanish and Turkish regulators are envisaged on domestic household gas consumer connections procedures, looking more specifically on legal aspects and costs for the gas Israeli regulator.

In the margin of its own meeting, the MEDREG CUS WG met with the Energy Community (ECRB) Customers and Retail Markets Working Group to discuss a joint report that they will produce together during 2018 on complaint handling, dispute settlement and consumer awareness.
The Energy Community is the international organisation which brings together the European Union and its neighbours in South East Europe and in the Black Sea region to create an integrated pan-European energy market. Gathering regulators members of both Associations, MEDREG and ECRB decided to put together their resources and expertise to review the status of these important consumer issues.
The drafting team, composed of representatives from the two organisations, was set up and a working timetable defined. The report is expected at the end of the year.
Finally, MEDREG’s and ECRB’s Consumer Working Groups further planned a trilateral workshop of ECRB, MEDREG and CEER to be organised later this year.

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