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MEDREG approved its new Action Plan for 2018-2019 in its 24th General Assembly
29 November 2017
Larnaca, Cyprus
On 29 November, MEDREG gathered for its 24th General Assembly in Larnaca (Cyprus), approving the organisation’s new Action Plan for the two coming years, as well as important reports such as a Regulatory Outlook, the Mediterranean Electricity Market Observatory (MEMO), and a Benchmarking Assessment of Renewable data of 15 Mediterranean countries.

MEDREG’s members endorsed an ambitious Action Plan for 2018-2019 aimed at fostering a sound institutional regulatory framework; optimal conditions for infrastructure investments; functioning, competitive and transparent electricity and gas markets; efficient consumers protection taking into account the particular situation of vulnerable consumers and an intensified regional cooperation. In order to deliver these objectives, the Action Plan provides a variety of support activities to its members ranging from trainings, peer reviews, reports accompanied by recommendations, guidelines of good practices, exchange of information, study-visits, surveys and others.

Members were also updated on the progress made in the “Support to National Reforms Initiative”, learning about the MEDREG’s training on EU interconnection rules to the benefit of the staff of the Tunisian Ministry of Energy, which was given the week after. The latest developments on the ongoing peer review, conducted for MEDREG’s Jordanian member EMRC which focused on their licensing procedures, were also shared with all the members.

In addition, in the context of the support given by MEDREG to its members in coordinating instruments such as Twinning and Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) of the European Commission, the Resident Twinning Advisors in the recently completed Egyptian and Algerian twinning projects shared their experience of the project’s objectives and final results. This presentation provided a clear picture to members who were not familiarised with these tools, encouraging them to apply for similar support projects in the future, to strengthen their technical skills and knowledge of regulation.
Association of the MEDiterranean REGulators for Electricity and Gas
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