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Maria Teresa Costa Campi - Professor of Energy Sustainability
at the University of Barcelona


Maria Teresa Costa Campi is a Doctor of Economic Science and Professor of Economics at the University of Barcelona (UB). Currently she is Director of the Chair of Energy Sustainability at the University of Barcelona, a post held since 2012, and has been General Coordinator of the FUNSEAM project since 2013.
She has been President of the National Energy Commission (2005-2011), President of the Association of Energy Regulators (2005-2012), President of the Iberian Electricity Market (MIBEL) (2006-2007), Vice President of MEDREG (2010-2011), Member of the European Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas (ERGEG) (2005-2011), Member of the Board of Regulators of the Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) (2010-2011).
She has published over 140 research studies and scientific papers in specialist journals and books and participated in collective works.

Hafez Abdel Aal
El-Salmawy - Managing Director, EgyptEra, Egypt

Dr. Hafez Abdel Aal El-Salmawy, received his PhD from Cairo University in 1991. He is a Professor of Heat Engines at the Department of Mechanical Power Engineering in Zagazig University, Egypt. He has been appointed to serve as the Managing Director of the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EgyptEra) in 2006. He is the chairman of the Electricity Working Group in the Association for Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas “MEDREG” as well as in the Regional Association for Energy Regulators in East and South African Countries “RAERESA”. He published over 40 scientific papers in many international journals and conferences in addition to several reports and manuals. He participated in developing several national documents including the new electricity law and Renewable energy strategy for Egypt.

Claude Mandil - Former IEA General Director

Mr. Mandil served a four-year term from to 2003 to 2007 as Executive Director of the International Energy Agency. Before joining the IEA in 2003, Mr Mandil was Chairman and CEO of the Institut Français du Pétrole and, previous to that, Managing Director of Gaz de France and Energy undersecretary in the French Government
Now retired, Claude Mandil is advising governments, companies and organizations in the domain of energy policy.

Ilhan Ozturk - Professor of Energy Economics
at Cag University, Turkey


Dr. Ilhan Ozturk is currently working as Associate Professor at Cag University, Mersin, Turkey. His research interests include energy economics and international economics. He published over 80 papers in international journals such as Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Applied Energy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Ecological Indicators, Energy and etc. and participated in many international conferences. He has been invited as a Keynote Speaker in several international conferences. He is the editor of IJEEP and IJEFI and he has been member of editorial board in many international journals. 

Pippo Ranci Ortigosa - Florence School of Regulation

Mr. Ranci is Professor of Economic Policy, Università Cattolica, Milano (1991-2004) He acted as President of the Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (1996-2003) and vice president in the Council of European Energy Regulators (2001-2003) He also served as Director of the Florence School of Regulation at the European University Institute (2004-2008) He has been President of the Supervisory Board at A2A spa (2012-14) He holds a degree in Economics from the Università Cattolica (1961) and a master’s degree from the University of Michigan (1966).

José Sierra - Former Commissioner
of the Spanish energy regulator

José Sierra holds a PhD degree from the School of Mines of Madrid, a DIC from the Imperial college of London, and a PADE on Business Administration from IESE. He was CEO of ADARO (national exploration company), Executive Chairman of CARBOEX , and Director of TIGF. At present,he is non-executive Director of Emed Mining and non-executive Chairman of Emed Tartessus. He was Director General of Mines of Spain, Director of Coal ,Oil, and Gas at the European Commision, Commissioner at the CNE, Member of CEER, ERGEG, and Deputy Independent Member of the SEM Committee of the Island of Ireland.


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