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The ELE Working Group (ELE WG) is in charge of assessing the current status of electricity markets and regulatory frameworks in MEDREG countries and their possible developments. The ELE WG has the mission to identify and propose basic requirements that will lead to the compatibility of electricity regulation in the MEDREG region, developing a competitive, strengthened and running regional electricity market in the region.

Mr. Benoit Esnault
ELE Group Co-Chair
Ms Muna Almousa
ELE Group Co-Chair
(Jordan, EMRC)
Mr Hamdi Tahboub
ELE Group Vice-Chair
(Paelstine, PERC)
Working Group on Electricity Issues (ELE)
Objectives 2019
  • Monitoring of the electricity market: information exchange on performance indicators and efficient regulatory framework to assess necessary infrastructure investment
  • Development of a market design model to support the unbundling of the electricity sector, transparency of market information and services, non-discriminatory TPA to infrastructure and services, tariff methodologies, price regulation and the possibility for the establishment of smart grids in MEDREG countries
  • Regular exchange of data on transmission capacity
  • Support MEDREG countries in reaching a properly functioning market, which will allow the efficient use of interconnections by allocating transmission capacity in the most efficient way and at market prices. Development of an efficient cross-border trade, which should be implemented on all interconnections. This will stimulate the competition between different national markets and will increase regional integration, as well as security of supply. At the same time this will harmonize the transmission capacity, the auction mechanisms and common grid codes in a mid-term perspective.
Main Activities
  • Jointly elaborate with Med-TSO proposals for grids codes covering data sharing among electricity transmission system operators and cross-border electricity exchanges (if necessary differentiated by sub-region) with a view to have them approved and implemented, on a voluntary basis, by Mediterranean electricity transmission system operators.
  • Define present and future interconnection needs (for the establishment of an integrated electricity market) from the technical, economic and financial perspectives.
  • Study operational issues concerning cross-border exchange and congestion management practices; monitor electricity exchange activities among member countries, propose general rules/guidelines for electricity exchange in the Mediterranean.
  • Establish a road map to implement the cross border trade guidelines.
  • Establish a Mediterranean Electricity Market Observatory (MEMO) for monitoring evolutions in national and regional markets as well as sub-regional market development.
Activity and Deliverable Year Referent regulator
1. Deliverable: Electricity Market Observatory Report (2018 data) 2019 CRE, EgyptERA and ELE WG members
• Execution Activity Study Visit for Ministry of Energy Tunisia - Study visit on management of cross-border interconnections

1st half 2019

INS WG in collaboration with ELE WG
• Execution Activity Seminar for PUA (Israel) - Monitoring of transmission activities and definition of a market design 2nd half 2019 INS WG in collaboration with ELE WG
2. Deliverable: Survey on Regulatory Practices on Handling Technical and Non-Technical Losses of electricity 2019 Provide support the CUS WG on the finalisation of the report
Association of the Mediterranean Energy Regulators

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