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Currently, MEDREG has five Working Groups and one Task Force, composed of representatives from each member regulator.

Working Groups are permanent bodies of the Association. They are led by a regulator acting as Chair, supported by two other regulators acting as Co-Chair and Vice Chair.
Task Forces are set up temporarily to address new topics of relevance. They are led by a regulator acting as Chair, supported by one other regulator acting as Co-Chair.

The organisation of work within WGs and TFs is based on the principle of subsidiarity, in accordance with the provisions laid out in the WG and TF Internal Rules. Subject to prior approval from the GA, WGs and TFs decide on their own working structure in order to implement their work programme in the best way possible. Working Groups meet physically at least twice per year. Task Forces meet virtually twice per year and, when necessary, physical meetings are also organized.

  • Institutional (INS WG): This Group has the objective of studying and promoting the role and competencies of regulatory authorities and coordinates MEDREG’s institutional presence in EU and international contexts. The INS WG supervises MEDREG dialogue on energy regulation with the European Union, international institutions, regional regulatory organizations and other bodies.
  • Electricity (ELE WG): This Group oversees monitoring the status of electricity markets and regulatory frameworks in MEDREG countries and proposes viable paths for their harmonized development. The ELE WG identifies essential requirements that will lead to strengthened and well-functioning regional electricity markets in the region.
  • Gas (GAS WG): This Group assesses the status of natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets in Mediterranean countries, their regulatory frameworks and possible evolutions. The GAS WG elaborates Guidelines of Good Practice (GGP) and recommendations that could lead to the development of an integrated, competitive, transparent, secure and effective gas market in the region.
  • Environment, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency (RES WG):  This Group focuses on the legislative and regulatory mechanisms used to promote renewable electricity generation, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (RES) deployment in the Mediterranean basin, with attention to off-grid solutions and independent power producers (IPPs).
  • Consumers (CUS WG): This Group works on enhancing the protection of household consumers in MEDREG countries. It produces surveys and recommendations on energy billing, consumer protection and information. The Group also identifies and promotes best practices in consumer protection, including vulnerable consumers, quality of service for electricity and gas and consumers associations.
  • Task Force on UfM Energy Platforms: The Task Force coordinates the participation and contribution of MEDREG representatives to the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) Energy Platforms on Gas, the Regional Electricity Market (REM) and Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REEE).
Association of the Mediterranean Energy Regulators

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