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6th World Forum on Energy Regulation
The 6th World Forum on Energy Regulation will be held on 25-28 May, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey.
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Second MEDREG Capacity-Building Exercise
22-23 October 2014 - Milan, (Italy)

MEDREG capacity-building meetings aim at answering specific learning needs identified by a group of member regulators. This objective is achieved through knowledge transfer from other MEDREG regulators, which present their national case underlying the path that led to the current situation as well as the challenges ahead.

Our second exercise concerns reporting methodologies, with particular reference to the collection of data to monitor the activity of regulated entities. Senior staff from ERSE (Portugal), EgyptEra (Egypt), and CNMC (Spain) will train 13 participants from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Italy, Malta and Palestine.

You will find more information here.
Italy-Africa Initiative, Energy Session - Ministerial Conference
14 October 2014 - Rome, (Italy)

In occasion of the Italian Presidency of the European Union, an event "Italy-Africa, working together for a sustainable energy future" has been held with the participation of all Ministries and Delegates from sub-Sahara African Countries. After the presentation of IEA’s Africa Energy Outlook, Vice-President Luigi Carbone has presented MEDREG as a successful example of regional cooperation, as recommended by IEA to cope with the future energy challenges in Africa.

You will find more information here.
5th Desert Solar Power Conference, Dii-Desertec
14 October 2014 - Rome, (Italy)

MEDREG was invited to speak on the occasion of the annual Desertec conference. Nicolò Di Gaetano (MEDREG Vice-President Advisor-AEEGSI) made a presentation on MEDREG's vision and work during the afternoon Workshop on infrastructure investment in MENA countries. The workshop sought to address what can realistically be expected concerning RES investments in the Southern shore of the Mediterranean and how to move it forward by discussing bidirectional market integration through cross-country grids.

You will find more information here.
Download presentation here.
MEDREG-ERRA workshop on natural gas regulation
29 September 2014 - Milan, (Italy)

The Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) and the Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) held their first joint workshop providing the platform for a comprehensive discussion on tariffs, performance standards for public services and application of Third Party Access (TPA) in the gas market. Mr. Fazil Senel, MEDREG Vice President, Chair of the MEDREG Working Group on Gas Issues and Commissioner of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey (EMRA) introduced the workshop together with Mr. Mart Ots, ERRA Vice Chairman and General Director, and member of the Estonian Competition Authority.

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MEDREG-ECRB roundtable
The Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MEDREG) and the Energy Community Regulatory Board (ECRB) held their first joint roundtable on September 16, 2014 in Athens, Greece.
The meeting discussed promotion of energy investments and consumer protection, which are key priorities both for the Balkan and the Mediterranean regions.
The roundtable was co-chaired by the ECRB President, Branislav Prelevic, and the MEDREG President, Michel Thiollière.

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European Union

MEDREG Strategy 2020-2030

The Mediterranean region is currently lacking a harmonized and coordinated legal framework able to foster international energy cooperation. In order to promote the integration of Mediterranean energy markets, the European Commission came up with several proposals, in the perspective of the establishment of an EU-Southern Mediterranean energy community. This long term process will require the active involvement of all the concerned actors (political, economic, and regulatory) to pull and work together in the same direction.

MEDREG Forum - Mediterranean Forum on Energy Regulation
MEDREG, the only association representing independent public authorities in the electricity and gas sector, launches the first edition of this Forum dedicated to "Regulation & Investments: Solutions for the Mediterranean Region” to be held on 26 November 2014 in Barcelona (Spain).

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MEDREG Annual Report 2013
MEDREG Secretariat is glad to circulate the Annual Report 2013
MEDREG Action Plan 2014/2016
MEDREG Secretariat is glad to circulate the latest version of MEDREG Action Plan for 2014/2016
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