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Advanced Training Course "Integration of renewable energy solutions in the Mediterranean electricity markets"

On the 23rd of November, RES4MED launched the second edition of the Advanced Training Course (ATC), in partnership with Enel Foundation, in cooperation with the Politecnico di Milano and under the patronage of the Union for the Mediterranean.
MEDREG participated to the opening session, praising the relevant work RES4MED is doing to develop the technical competences of energy professionals in the Mediterranean. Ms. Veronica Lenzi (MEDREG Research and Scientific Manager) recalled that both organizations are built upon a 'bottom-up' approach that focus on the concrete needs of the national enetgy sectors. She affirmed the relevant of increasing the exchanges between REA4MED and MEDREG to fine-tune the efforts in favor of liberalized and dynamic Mediterranean energy markets.
The aim of the course is to build an international network, sharing the knowledge of the RES4MED members with a selected group of high profile middle managers and experts, representing the whole range of players in the Mediterranean renewable energy sectors: ministries, private and public companies, universities, research centers and others.
The event has been attended by more than 50 participants from ten different Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey), the RES4MED members and Ph.D. students from main Italian universities.

More information are available here.
CREG, CNMC and E-Control launch EU-Twinning project in the field of energy regulation

On 10th September 2015 in Algiers, Algeria, the Algerian national Regulatory Authority for Gas and Electricity (CREG) together with the energy regulatory authorities of Austria (EControl) and Spain (CNMC) launched an EU-Twinning project in the field of energy.

The project is titled “Strengthening of the organizational and administrative capacity of the National Regulatory Authority for Gas and Electricity (CREG)” and is financed by the European Union in the margins of the “programme d'appui à la mise en oeuvre de l'accord d'association avec l’Union Européenne”.

More information on the twinning project are available here.


19th Electricity Working Group, 6.10.2015 Algiers, Kindly hosted by the Algerian Regulation Commission for Electricity and Gas (CREG )

The Electricity and Renewable working groups were hosted in Algiers on 6th-7th October 2015 by CREG, the Algerian Regulation Commission for Electricity and Gas. AEEGSI, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water hosted on 14th -15th October 2015 the Institutional and Consumers Issues Working Groups as well as the Communication Officers meeting. ERSE, the Energy Services Regulatory Authority of Portugal hosted in Lisbon on 29th October the Gas Working Group.

19th ELE WG meeting: The aim of this meeting was to present and discuss the first draft of the deliverable on "Performance indicators and penalties applicable to generators in case of failure of the power plant" prepared by CREG-Algeria and the first draft document on "Methodologies used by regulators to evaluate investment projects and investment plans" prepared by CRE-France. The ELE WG members also discussed on the cooperation between CEER and MEDREG on quality of electricity supply.

18th RES WG meeting: The target of this meeting was to present the result of the first draft of the RES Benchmarking Report for 2014, prepared by CNMC-Spain. The WG members also discussed the proposed questionnaire from GSE, a state-owned company which promotes and supports renewable energy sources in Italy, and how they can implement it next year. This meeting has been the occasion to debate on the next deliverable of the Action Plan on Certification systems for origin of electricity from renewable sources and Combined Heat and Power (CHP). Members also approved to plan a joint workshop with RES4MED.

9th Communication Officers meeting
: The meeting focused on how to improve MEDREG accountability and visibility at National level and on the second edition of the MEDREG Forum. Then the discussion moved on internal communication and on how Communication Officers could better contribute to support the activities of MEDREG Working Groups. Finally, in order to plan the next capacity building activities, the meeting has also been the occasion to discuss the themes that could be of interest at National level.

18th INS WG meeting
: The aim of this meeting was to present and discuss with members the Peer Review process and to inform them about the latest development in regard to the UfM platforms. The Secretariat also introduced members with the joint work that MEDREG and MEDTSO are doing on UfM Regional Electricity Market (REM) Platform. The WG proposed that MEDREG should play a major role in the cooperation with Med-TSO and the final position paper should be endorsed by the 20th MEDREG General Assembly scheduled on 3rd December in Tirana.
7th CUS WG meeting
: Members of the CUS WG discussed and approved the final draft version of the report on Vulnerable consumers. During this occasion the first results of the Survey on Mediterranean Consumers Associations were submitted. The CUS WG members also discussed the idea of publishing the filled out consumers brochure with  national data on MEDREG homepage.

18th GAS WG meeting: The aim of this meeting was to present to members the result of the Gas Transparency Platform and approve the final draft of the deliverable on "Monitoring of compliance with the Guidelines of Good Practice (GGP) on TPA for gas in MEDREG countries". Also the GAS WG members approved the methodology on "Assessment of competition indicators and market prices within MEDREG countries". The Secretariat updated members on the latest development on UfM platform and the next steps that will follow. The GAS WG Chairman invited the Portuguese TSO REN (ENTSO-G member) to present  the gas infrastructure map in Europe and how MEDREG can develop one for the Mediterranean region.
AEIT Annual International Conference on "A Sustainable Development in the Mediterranean Area"

The conference took place on 14-16 October 2016 in Naples, Italy.
AEIT, the Association Italian of Electrical, Electronics, Automation, Information and Telecommunications organized the conference under the auspices of the Parliamentary Assembly Mediterranean - PAM - and saw the participation of leading figures in the international and national top institutions International European and Arab States operating in the Region Mediterranean in terms of energy. MEDREG has been represented by Mr. Nicolò Di Gaetano (AEEGSI, CUS WG Chair) in the session: Energy in the Mediterranean Area: Networks Integration - Market Development –Regulation”
Click here to download the agenda and the presentation
MEDREG: supporting the opening and the development of a regional electricity market

From the right: Mr. Santos (MEDREG Vice -President), Dr. El-Salmawy (MEDREG President), Mr. Carbone (MEDREG Vice -President), Mr. Tambone (MEDREG General Coordinator), Mr. Di Gaetano (Co-Chair MEDREG INS WG), Mr. Van Steen (Head of Unit, DG Energy-EC), Mr. Ristori (Director General,DG Energy-EC), Ms. Bournoville (Senior Expert for the International Relations, Assistant to the Director General DG Energy-EC)

MEDREG participated to the launch and to the first meeting of the UfM Regional Electricity Market (REM) Platform on 12 October in Rabat.

The platform aims to progressively integrate electricity networks and markets of the UfM countries starting from the countries of the southern and eastern coasts of the Mediterranean and secondly integrating these markets with the EU countries. During the event, MEDREG and Med-TSO presented their common view for the electricity market development in the Mediterranean region.

On the same day MEDREG Board met with two relevant partners: the Moroccan Minister of Energy Amara to highlight the importance of creating an independent energy regulator in Morocco starting from 2016; and the Director General of the DG Energy (EC) to underline the interest of the Association for further increasing high-level institutional cooperation between the European Commission and MEDREG.

Click here to download the agenda, the presentation, the speech and the press release
Supported by the
European Union


In June 2015 MEDREG has submitted its contribution to the EC Public Consultation on the paper "Towards a new European Neighborhood Policy".  MEDREG is a direct beneficiary of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP), which  was designed in 2003 to develop closer relations between the EU and its neighboring countries and actively contributes to the implementation of the EU external energy action.

MEDREG shares the view expressed in the paper that connectivity in the field of energy is a crucial matter for the region and believes it is important that the ENP focuses on non-politicized issues that can bring convergence forward, prioritizing projects and associations that have step-by-step and concrete working plans.

Download MEDREG's response to the ENP Consultation
MEDREG Action Plan 2015/2017
TheMEDREG Secretariat is glad to circulate the latest version of the MEDREG Action Plan for 2015/2017

from the left: Mr. Michel Thiollière (former Medreg President), Mr. El-Salmawy (Medreg President)

On the occasion of 17th Electricity Working Group meeting that took place last 31 March in Cairo, MEDREG President Dr. Hafez El Salmawy gave a thank-you present to former President Michel Thiollière as a souvenir from his visit to Egypt. During his term (2012-2014), and thanks to the strong support of the members, the Association notably adopted a comprehensive Strategy for 2020-2030 and consolidated its role as key institution for regional cooperation in the Mediterranean energy sector.
Energy Union Package
The European Commission has published the Energy Union Package - "A Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy", developing the vision of an integrated continent-wide energy system, based on competition, the best possible use of resources and regulation. Secure and affordable energy supply is presented as one of the main priorities, notably through the creation of a Mediterranean Gas hub. The aim of the EC is to develop the access to alternative suppliers, including countries of the Southern Gas Corridor and of the Mediterranean region, by using the instruments of the EU external action to enhance energy cooperation at regional level.
Energy Union strategy - pdf
Energy Union strategy - web
MEDREG Strategy 2020-2030

The Mediterranean region is currently lacking a harmonized and coordinated legal framework able to foster international energy cooperation. In order to promote the integration of Mediterranean energy markets, the European Commission came up with several proposals, in the perspective of the establishment of an EU-Southern Mediterranean energy community. This long term process will require the active involvement of all the concerned actors (political, economic, and regulatory) to pull and work together in the same direction.

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